Thomas Denhof Architect | Passive House Designer
Garden flat, 153 Norwood High Street
London, SE27 9TB
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Network and collaboration


Environmental policy

- Traffic
Denhof Design based in South London is using bicycle and public transport to commute. The occasional cap journey complements transport when working in remote rural locations.

- Power
Electric power to the office is provided by ‘Ecotricity,’one of the UK’s leading renewable energy suppliers.

- Mobile phone
‘Ecotalk’ (a sister company of ‘Ecotricity’) provides the mobile phone services.

- Money
Denhof Design is banking with ‘Triodos’ bank. In 2016 substantial investments were made into new wind power plants (‘Ecobond Four’). Funds also go into a Sustainable Forestry project based in Panama on a permanent basis.

- Energy Efficiency
The office space has been improved through various measures like insulating, new boiler, underfloor heating and LED lighting. Further improvement works are planned in 2018.

- Materials Sourcing
The amount of recycled paper for printing is comparatively small due to the implemented paper-free policy. Very few materials like stationary are required.

Ethical values

Regular support to various environmental groups and NGO’s. Campaigning on far ranging subjects as ‘Free Trade’, Climate Change’ and ‘Housing’.

Thomas is chair of the OpenOrchard social enterprise.
Community gardening complements the environmental works at a local level.